Irene Rocio Picota was born on September 20, 1989 and passed away on November 22, 2013 during surgery. She lived a life that continues to touch many. She was a devoted Christian who always did her best to bless others and make a friend. Irene was a great friend to many and is surely missed. 


Irene was planning to be a child psychologist. She had a tremendous heart for kids. Irene was the life of the party. Irene knew how to cheer you up when you were down. She was an excellent sibling, daughter, best friend, co worker and baby sitter.


Irene will continue to impact many lives. She continues to love because her source of love Jesus Christ continues to change lives.


Irene's Prom Closet is an extention of Irene's love. I know she is looking down from heaven and smiling when she sees all the good we are doing in her honor.